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Cream Cheese Fondant

I made a cream cheese fondant for this cake. First time making this fondant. I usually make a Marshmallow Fondant. I have to say it turned out much better than I had expected it would and the taste is great. I will definitely suggest this type of fondant to my customers in the future. It has pretty much the same consistency as a buttercream fondant.

Customer requested a cake with purple and silver stars coming out of cake for a 2-person birthday. Strawberry cake with buttercream fillling. Silver half of cake is cream cheese fondant. Bottom half is buttercream. Stars are made from 1/2 fondant and gumpaste, painted with edible silver and studded with silver dragees.


Princess Tiara with Pillow


This cake was done for a 21 year old whose name is Tiaria (spelled a little differently). The mother requested a lemon pound with whipped cream filling. The cake is a 10″ – 4 layer square sculpted into a pillow.  The tiara was made from pastillage and painted with edible silver and studded with dragees. The pillow was covered in fondant, quilted and studded with silver dragees, as well. There were tassels on each corner of cake and buttons made from fondant.

Is It Almost Easter?

As you can see, I have missed a month of blogging, well almost two. Where has the time gone? I told you in my first and only post that we (my sister and I) were planning on hosting a Cake Tasting Event to benefit “Relay For Life” to honor our mother who passed away last year with pancreatic cancer. Our family goal is like many other family and friends in that we wish to help raise the awareness and aid in providing funds for valuable cancer research that will prayerfully one day lead to a cure, saving the lives of those we love so dearly.

Well, true to my word, this event will be taking place on next Saturday, March 27th @ Vennings, Inc., 306 E. 32nd Street, Richmond, VA from 11:00 a.m. ’til 4:00 p.m. We have been very busy selling tickets, taking whole cake orders, etc. Tickets are $10 to attend and entitles you to receive 2 large cake wedges of choice. The choices are: Carrot w/Cream Cheese Frosting, Red Velvet w/Cream Cheese Frosting, Chocolate w/Peanut Butter Frosting, Coconut w/Coconut Frosting, Plain Pound, Lemon Pound, Brown Sugar Pound and Fresh Apple. So far we have been having a very good response. If you would like to order a whole cake, make a donation or purchase tickets, please call (804) 276-6374, 757-874-6525 or email me at for further details. Tickets can also be purchased at door and must be presented in order to taste.  Please support us as we support those who have fought the battle and those that are still fighting, for they are not alone. Share this info with your family and friends.

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