Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes!

The Dancer

Triple Chocolate Delight

Triple Chocolate Delight (top)

 Here are some cakes that I have done this month. I was pleased with how most of them turned out. The first 2 cakes were requested by a parent  who wanted to surprise his daughter with a birthday celebration for her 16th birthday. Well, lo and behold, I had a mishap with one of the cakes.  Since this parent’s child is a dancer, he wanted a figure of a dancer on top of the chocolate cake. Tried as I might, I could not get the figure to stop cracking. Finally, to my dismay, I had to face the fact that the girl dancer figure was not going to happen. I then thought that I would put this pic on the sheet cake. So here goes! 

” The Dancer” sheet cake is white batter with buttercream frosting. The image is painted on a frosting sheet with edible paint. The “Triple Chocolate Delight” is chocolate batter with chocolate fudge buttercream filling and frosting and chocolate ganache on drizzled on top and sides.

Love, Live, Life T-Shirt

Love, Live, Life T-Shirt (another view)

This cake was made for my nephew for a friend’s 16th surprise birthday party. The items on the cake is what was requested. The cake was sculpted to look like a t-shirt. The logo Love, Live, Life is taken from my nephew’s T-Shirt clothing line. Visit his website @ and check out his inspirational t-shirts.

Strawberry batter with buttercream frosting and covered with marshmallow fondant. The cellphone, lipstick, perfume bottle and eyeshadow (on backside of cake) is chocolate. The shoe is made from pastillage. I was told that the person truly loved the cake and didn’t want to cut it. As of matter of fact, I don’t think it was cut for a few days.

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