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It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No It’s Hokie Bird!

Virginia Tech themed birthday cake that I did back in October. The mother told me that her daughter loves everything Virginia Tech. Vanilla cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting. The first image shows how the cake looks in it’s sculpted, undecorated form. Feathers on the back were made from gumpaste as well as the banners that the bird is holding. Cake was sculpted freehand. First time sculpting a bird! Rather pleased with the results.


Supa Phat!

Lemon Cake with Lemon Buttercream

Supa Phat!

Birthday cake for a young adult turning 18. She just wanted a simple cake with the words Supa Phat. Lemon cake with lemon buttercream filling and frosting. Supa Phat is molded from modeling chocolate studded with silver dragees.

Beads and Swirls

Strawberry w/Cream Cheese Frosting

Beads & Swirls

Strawberry batter (made from scratch) birthday cake filled and frosted with cream cheese frosting. Beads are strung on wire and placed in a flower spike to protect the cake. Swirls and banner is fondant. Theme colors were purple and gold.

Zebra Fashionista!


Topsy Turvy w/ Gumpaste Purse (front view)

Zebra Fashionista

Topsy Turvy with Gumpaste Purse (side view)

Zebra Fashionista (side view)

Topsy Turvy with Gumpaste Purse

Zebra Fashionista (close-up of purse)

 Mother requested this zebra styled topsy-turvy cake for her daughter’s birthday. Bottom layer was marble batter, top tier – yellow batter. All layers filled and frosted with buttercream and covered with fondant. Zebra purse was made from gumpaste and can be kept as a keepsake. I just loved the purse and how it turned out.

Roses Are Yellow, Too

Lemon Pound w/Lemon Buttercream

Roses Are Yellow Too!

This cake was made for a young lady who turned a blessed 70 years old. Lemon pound with lemon buttercream. Roses and leaves are fondant. I was told that Mom loved the cake. As sometimes lemon can be a little overpowering, I was afraid that this would be the case. I guess I was being too skeptical, because the recipient said it was perfect. How wonderful!

Champagne and Bubbles

Green, Black and Silver Theme

Champagne & Bubbles

This was another cake made this weekend.  This is a marble cake on the bottom tier and on the top tier a pound cake. The top tier is supported by four champagne flutes. A hole is cut in the center to allow for a glass bowl to sit and hold the champagne bottle. Needless to say, the top tier was very heavy. I was afraid that it would crush the flutes, but they held the weight. Whew! The cake is filled and frosted with buttercream. The stripes are  made from fondant and stippled with edible glitter. The bubbles are made from gelatin. This was the first time making bubbles from gelatin. A few steps I failed to do on the last ones I made and had to throw away, but luckily I had enough to use. Will definitely use this method again.

Money, Dutch Masters and Collectables

Wow, this was a busy weekend for me. But I seemed to manage with some long days and nights.

Money, Dutch Masters and Collectables

This cake was requested for a young man’s birthday celebration. It seems he loves Dutch Masters cigarillos, money (who doesn’t love money) and loves to collect guns. Everything is edible on the cake. The money is strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting with face of the bills printed with edible paper. The cigarillos covers are printed with edible paper also and made from modeling chocolate. The gun and bullets are made from modeling chocolate, as well, and painted with edible paints. I was told that the recipient was very pleased with the cake and really didn’t want to cut it.

My Red Cadillac

Sculpted Car Cake

My Red Cadillac (front)


Sculpted Car cake

My Red Cadillac (Back)

Also for my nephew. He requested this sculpted cadillac car cake. This was my first time sculpting a car from cake. I think the scale could have been a little more refined, but all-in-all my nephew was very happy with it. Pound cake with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and buttercream filling. Car covered with marshmallow fondant. Board is covered with fondant to represent road.

IPOD Shuffle

More Cakes!

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