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Cakes, Cookies, Cream Cheese & Chocolate Mocha Frosting – Up To My Elbows!

Our Cake Tasting Event to benefit “Relay For Life” is almost upon us, another three (3) days to be exact. My sister, Ellen and I have so much to do. We each are baking 15 cakes. Oh, did I mention they are all made from scratch? Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting, Carrot/Pecan with Cream Cheese Frosting, Chocolate with Chocolate Mocha Buttercream, Fresh Apple Bundt, Lemon Pound and Plain Pound.

Yesterday, I was up to my elbows making cream cheese frosting. After 6 lbs. of cream cheese, 3 cups of shortening, 15 lbs. powdered sugar, vanilla and salt, I ended up with approximately 25 lbs. of frosting. Then on to peeling and grating 5 lbs of carrots.

Last night and today, I was up to my elbows again making chocolate mocha buttercream, And after lots of buttercream, chocolate, and mocha, I ended up with approximately 25 lbs. of this frosting.

And the saga does not end here, I was crazy enough to take an order for 3 dozen cookies, decorated and packaged individually, of course.

I also took a Wilton’s class today. I need some caffiene right now. Maybe I should just eat some chocolate mocha buttercream!

Now on to setting up my slideshow for the event, printing labels for the take-out cake boxes, answering e-mails, and on, and on, and on! Oh yeah, and posting on my blog to keep you, my followers, up-to-date on my latest activities.


Lightning McQueen

For a 2 year old boy’s birthday celebration. 1/4 sheet cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream filling and buttercream. Cake is frosted with buttercream. Lightning McQueen is a frozen buttercream transfer. Sun and checkerboard are fondant accents.

Polar Bear Bobblehead

Head bobbles - Entirely edible

Polar Bear Bobblehead

Since my granddaughter loved bobbleheads ( 2 years ago), she requested this polar bear bobblehead cake. Using inspiration from a lady on the internet (can’t recall her name at the time), she so graciously gave me the information on the structure so that the head would bobble. I was so impressed with this cake when it was completed and to see it actually bobble back and forth.

I will try to list the instructions in the Techniques and Tools section at a later date.

It is a sculpted plain pound cake with whipped cream and buttercream filling. Frosted with buttercream and covered with MMF. The cake has all fondant accents.


You’re #1!

Strawberry with Cream Cheese Frosting

You're #1

This cake was made for a little girl who was celebrating her 1st birthday in 2008. Mom had a picture that she wanted the cake to be designed from. A 14″ — 4 layer strawberry cake with cream cheese filling and  frosting. Fondant accents. #1 is fondant/gumpaste. Loved the color scheme.

Treasured Jewelry Box

Again the picture is not the best.

Another birthday cake for my daughter. 10″ square — 4 layer carrot cake with cream cheese filling and frosting and covered with MMF. Top of jewelry box is molded chocolate and mirror is poured sugar. Rose is hand-molded from modeling chocolate. Plaque and jewelry pieces are fondant/gumpaste painted with edible silver. Roses on top of jewelry box are fondant.

Coleman Vineyards

My daughter’s birthday cake 2 years ago. Crate is carrot cake with cream cheese filling, buttercream frosting and covered with MMF. Airbrushed with edible paint. Wine bottle is vanilla cardamon flavored cake with buttercream filling and frosting, covered also in MMF. Large cheeses — carrot cake covered with MMF. Straw and grapes are buttercream.

Still Trying To Catch Up

My picture file seems to be growing and growing and growing. I didn’t realize that I had all of these pictures that I hadn’t posted. So I’m still playing catch-up. I have so much to do before next week when the cake baking begins for the Cake Tasting Event. My plan is to get all of my pictures together so that I can do a slideshow at the event. Hope everything go as planned and there is not a wrench thrown in the midst.

I am so looking forward to the event though. We had a great turnout last year and met a lot of great people. I pray that this year will be the same.

If you live in Richmond, VA or surrounding areas, do stop by. All details for this event can be found under Events.

Baby Blocks and Elephants

Baby Blocks and Elephants

Excuse the picture, taken with my old camera. This picture does not do the cake justice.

A 6″ & 10″, 2 tier — 2 layer yellow cake with buttercream filling and frosting covered with marshmallow fondant. Elephants are hand sculpted from gumpaste. These can be kept as a keepsake. See comment.

Twice The Joy!

Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Mousse Filling

Twice The Joy!

This cake was for a baby shower to welcome two little girls – lovely bundles of joy! The design was taken from an invitation. Yellow pound cake batter with buttercream frosting. Flowers and wheels were made from fondant. Cake is 98% edible. Congratulations to the Mom & Dad.

Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Mousse

Strawberry Delight

14″ & 10″ — 2 tier strawberry cake with strawberry mousse filling. Cream Cheese frosting with fondant bow and accents. Placque is made from 1/2 gumpaste/fondant.

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