Rayman Raving Rabbid

Rayman Raving Rabbid

It seems to me that I get a new wealth of knowledge everyday. Whatever the case, my cake decorating has allowed me to revisit the games and toys of an earlier time, that I have completely forgotten about and also to be brought up to date on the new toys and games, not only for kids but for adults, as well.

My granddaughter’s friend forwarded a picture to her asking if she thought I could make this cake. My granddaughter knows that I love challenges, and told her friend that yes, Granny can make that. In saying that, she emailed me the picture. It was a picture of what I referred to as the “ugly rabbit”. When I saw the picture, I emailed my granddaughter back and asked if this was the picture she meant to send me. I knew it was a rabbit but what was the significance behind it and why did she want that in a cake. In my opinion, it was just an unusual, ninja looking rabbit who was holding a toilet bowl plunger .  Well, to save face about my ignorance, I did a little research on the internet to see what this rabbit was all about. To my surprise, it’s a Wii game called “Rayman Raving Rabbid” (spelled rabbid). Obviously, I had not heard of this game before. My customer’s friend loves to play this game and thought this would be a nice birthday cake. Now it all made sense.

I find that as a cake decorator, not only does it take time and patience to bake, fill, frost, fondant or sculpt a cake, but it takes quite a bit of time to do research, as well.

I thought I would put together a step-by-step tutorial showing the process, the tools I used for the structure and how I sculpted the rabbid. I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I did creating the rabbid and seeing it come to life in cake.

This is the first time I have used this particular process in creating a structure for a 3-D cake. There are some things I would do a little differently, but all-in-all, I was pleased with the outcome.

Watch for the Tutorial coming soon.

Thanks for reading and Happy Sculpting!


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  1. Hahaha this made me laugh because several times I’ve been asked to make cakes and the theme was something I’ve NEVER heard of. I’d google it and then think WHAT IS THIS??

    Someone asked me to make this Beyblade Arena thing and I’d never heard of it… I looked it up and went ahead and made it… I swear that post gets over 100 hits a week. Other than my home page, it’s the most viewed page on my blog. I guess you never know what’s popular with people sometimes! Because of it’s popularity, I’ve resolved to eventually create a tutorial for the cake lol

    I’ve never heard of this rabbit either and I’d like to think I’m fairly “with it” as a 20 something lol. I guess not!

    • I know what you mean. I have no idea what some of these things are when asked to do them. I enjoy doing the research and expanding my knowledgebase. I’ll ask my granddaughter if she has heard of this and she says sure grandma. It does seem like the beyblade is really popular. I get a large amount of hits, also.

      I still haven’t had the time to get my tutorial together for the Raving Rabbid. I need to hurry up and do it because I’ll forget exactly what I did (lol). Can’t wait to see your tutorials

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