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Onesie for 50!

The second cake for the weekend of May 28th-29th. Customer requested that this cake resemble the invites that were sent for the baby shower, which were to feed 50 people.

Colors were pastel blue, yellow, light lime green and white. The cake flavor is yellow with buttercream frosting covered with MMFondant. The stripes on the sleeves were cut and laid individually on top of the fondant (the white as well) so that each stripe would be level with the other.

The bear was printed on edible paper and hand-painted with edible food gels. The inscription was cut from fondant as well as the stripes.


Onesie For Baby Stewart

I am of course late posting my cake pics. This is one of three (3) cakes that I made for the weekend of May 28th – 29th.

The customer chose a combination of cakes from the internet as her inspiration for the onesie. The cake is carrot with cream cheese filling and frosting. In order to get the frosting smooth, I used a crusting cream cheese, which works very well. The accents around the onesie is fondant, as well as the footprints and inscription.

I also made cake pops as a favor for each guest in vanilla and chocolate, wrapped individually, which I failed to take a picture of to post.

A Bear And A Blanket

My daughter requested this cake for her God-Daughter’s baby shower celebration. The cake is 1/2 pound cake with buttercream filling and 1/2 chocolate with chocolate mocha buttercream. The top of the cake is covered with fondant squares. The bear is sculpted from pound cake and covered with buttercream frosting. The facial features and diaper is made with fondant.

Close-up picture of bear shows how the bear was sculpted and frosted.

The bottom pic shows the close-up of the rattle which is a cake ball covered with fondant and the inscription: “Welcome Baby”.

I had problems with the bears arms staying fixed to the body. I first sculpted the arms with the cake. After frosting the entire bear, the right arm gave way and fell onto the fondant. Had to clean the fondant and then reattach. I made the arm the second time from a cake ball, refrosted. I thought, oh yes, I have it fixed for sure this time. Went on to doing something else. Well, guess what, I came back to look at the cake and the arm was beginning to fall again. I took the arm off and made an arm from gumpaste. Again refrosted.

I cleaned everything up and retired for the night. Got up the next morning to find that the other arm had fallen off. Luckily, I had made an extra arm from gumpaste just for assurance. I attached this arm and refrosted.

The bear and the blanket arrived safely to the baby shower and everyone enjoyed the cake, according to my daughter.

Baby Blocks and Elephants

Baby Blocks and Elephants

Excuse the picture, taken with my old camera. This picture does not do the cake justice.

A 6″ & 10″, 2 tier — 2 layer yellow cake with buttercream filling and frosting covered with marshmallow fondant. Elephants are hand sculpted from gumpaste. These can be kept as a keepsake. See comment.

Twice The Joy!

Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Mousse Filling

Twice The Joy!

This cake was for a baby shower to welcome two little girls – lovely bundles of joy! The design was taken from an invitation. Yellow pound cake batter with buttercream frosting. Flowers and wheels were made from fondant. Cake is 98% edible. Congratulations to the Mom & Dad.

Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Mousse

Strawberry Delight

14″ & 10″ — 2 tier strawberry cake with strawberry mousse filling. Cream Cheese frosting with fondant bow and accents. Placque is made from 1/2 gumpaste/fondant.

Welcome Little Sister!

This cake was made for a friend’s baby shower. Hawaiian flavor cake batter with pineapple filling and buttercream. Cake is covered with marshmallow fondant and painted with edible food coloring. Top of cake is decorated to look like the baby blanket in the picture. The mother-to-be has a Doberman Pincher and a Jack Russell. The customer wanted to incorporate these family members on the cake. (See pic). The dogs sitting on the cake are sculpted from styrofoam and covered with gumpaste. These will be kept as a keepsake for the family. This was the first time for me, sculpting from styrofoam and covering with gumpaste. I always accept a challenge, and a challenge this was. Thankfully, it turned out pretty good. The customer was very pleased.

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Baby Bassinet

Good Night, Sleep Tight

14″ oval -— 4 layer 1/2 strawberry and 1/2 plain pound cake with buttercream filling and frosted with a buttercream basketweave pattern. Hood of cake is molded pastillage covered with a buttercream basketweave pattern, as well. Pillow and blanket are made from fondant.

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