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The Mario Brothers

Mario and Luigi cake made for a 6 year old boy’s birthday celebration.  A 9″ square and 6″ round vanilla cake with butttercream filling and frosting, covered with MM Fondant and air-brushed with edible paint. Mario, Luigi and green figure is hand-modeled from modeling chocolate. Other details on cake are cut from fondant. Castle is molded from fondant and air-brushed with edible paint.

Flag is gumpaste with modeling chocolate #6. Coins are molded from modeling chocolate and florist covered wire is inserted to place in cake.

Inscription — Happy Birthday, D.J. and #6 were cut with my cricut cake.


What Are Beyblades?

This cake was made for my granddaughter’s 11th birthday celebration at Dave & Busters. She wanted this Aires Beyblade. What — what is a beyblade? There are so many different toys out now for children, I can’t keep up. If it wasn’t for my granddaughter telling me what these different toys are, I would be completely in the dark.

Anyway, she requested a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting (she just discovered that she loves red velvet), covered with MM Fondant. The other object (don’t know what it’s called) is made from modeling chocolate. The picture on top is an edible print.

I should have taken a picture of the components that I used to mount this cake on the board. I used a piping flange glued to a board, then inserted a dowel cut to the height that I needed to raise the cake up. On top of that, I cut 2 more boards that resembled a blade (similar to a ceiling fan blade). These were glued together and screwed to the dowel. The cake was placed on a foam board and then a cake board and mounted on top of the blade.

You can be sure when I arrived with the cake and gave her the top back that I had borrowed to go by, she immediately checked the cake to make sure it was exactly like the toy. I passed the test! Whew!

Lightning McQueen

For a 2 year old boy’s birthday celebration. 1/4 sheet cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream filling and buttercream. Cake is frosted with buttercream. Lightning McQueen is a frozen buttercream transfer. Sun and checkerboard are fondant accents.

Polar Bear Bobblehead

Head bobbles - Entirely edible

Polar Bear Bobblehead

Since my granddaughter loved bobbleheads ( 2 years ago), she requested this polar bear bobblehead cake. Using inspiration from a lady on the internet (can’t recall her name at the time), she so graciously gave me the information on the structure so that the head would bobble. I was so impressed with this cake when it was completed and to see it actually bobble back and forth.

I will try to list the instructions in the Techniques and Tools section at a later date.

It is a sculpted plain pound cake with whipped cream and buttercream filling. Frosted with buttercream and covered with MMF. The cake has all fondant accents.


You’re #1!

Strawberry with Cream Cheese Frosting

You're #1

This cake was made for a little girl who was celebrating her 1st birthday in 2008. Mom had a picture that she wanted the cake to be designed from. A 14″ — 4 layer strawberry cake with cream cheese filling and  frosting. Fondant accents. #1 is fondant/gumpaste. Loved the color scheme.

Tinker Bell? — Maybe, Maybe Not!

This cake was made for my granddaughter’s 4th birthday celebration. Little did I know as a grandmother (at the ripe age of …….? I’m not telling) that Tinker Bell and her fairies had specific colors for their clothing. My granddaughter was with me while I was in the process of dressing the fairies and she chose the colors. Well, needless to say, when her Mom came she informed me that those were not Tinker Bell fairies because they were dressed in the wrong colors. My comment, of course, was “This is what your daughter requested and this is her cake.” SHE WAS OUTVOTED!

The bottom tier was chocolate with chocolate mocha buttercream filling. The top tier was plain pound with lemon filling. They both were frosted with buttercream and covered with MM fondant. The fairies were hand-sculpted from modeling chocolate.

The cake included everything from poured sugar wings and butterflies to colored piping gel for the waterfall. The flowers and lilly pads were made from modeling chocolate, as well.

Big hit at the party! After all is said and done, it’s all about the birthday girl right?

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No It’s Hokie Bird!

Virginia Tech themed birthday cake that I did back in October. The mother told me that her daughter loves everything Virginia Tech. Vanilla cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting. The first image shows how the cake looks in it’s sculpted, undecorated form. Feathers on the back were made from gumpaste as well as the banners that the bird is holding. Cake was sculpted freehand. First time sculpting a bird! Rather pleased with the results.

Zebra Fashionista!


Topsy Turvy w/ Gumpaste Purse (front view)

Zebra Fashionista

Topsy Turvy with Gumpaste Purse (side view)

Zebra Fashionista (side view)

Topsy Turvy with Gumpaste Purse

Zebra Fashionista (close-up of purse)

 Mother requested this zebra styled topsy-turvy cake for her daughter’s birthday. Bottom layer was marble batter, top tier – yellow batter. All layers filled and frosted with buttercream and covered with fondant. Zebra purse was made from gumpaste and can be kept as a keepsake. I just loved the purse and how it turned out.

Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes!

The Dancer

Triple Chocolate Delight

Triple Chocolate Delight (top)

 Here are some cakes that I have done this month. I was pleased with how most of them turned out. The first 2 cakes were requested by a parent  who wanted to surprise his daughter with a birthday celebration for her 16th birthday. Well, lo and behold, I had a mishap with one of the cakes.  Since this parent’s child is a dancer, he wanted a figure of a dancer on top of the chocolate cake. Tried as I might, I could not get the figure to stop cracking. Finally, to my dismay, I had to face the fact that the girl dancer figure was not going to happen. I then thought that I would put this pic on the sheet cake. So here goes! 

” The Dancer” sheet cake is white batter with buttercream frosting. The image is painted on a frosting sheet with edible paint. The “Triple Chocolate Delight” is chocolate batter with chocolate fudge buttercream filling and frosting and chocolate ganache on drizzled on top and sides.

Love, Live, Life T-Shirt

Love, Live, Life T-Shirt (another view)

This cake was made for my nephew for a friend’s 16th surprise birthday party. The items on the cake is what was requested. The cake was sculpted to look like a t-shirt. The logo Love, Live, Life is taken from my nephew’s T-Shirt clothing line. Visit his website @ and check out his inspirational t-shirts.

Strawberry batter with buttercream frosting and covered with marshmallow fondant. The cellphone, lipstick, perfume bottle and eyeshadow (on backside of cake) is chocolate. The shoe is made from pastillage. I was told that the person truly loved the cake and didn’t want to cut it. As of matter of fact, I don’t think it was cut for a few days.

Oh, Dora – Dora!

This cake was made for my youngest granddaughter who turned 2 last year. Plain pound cake with whipped cream filling, fresh strawberries  and buttercream frosting. MMFondant covering.

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