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Every Good And Perfect Gift!

Third cake for weekend of May 28th-29th. Christening cake for a beautiful little girl.

After seeing some pictures of cakes, the Mother chose this particular cake. The cake was inspired from a talented cake artist on the internet. I do not have the artist name, but thanks for your inspiration.

The cake was a lemon pound cake with buttercream filling and frosting and covered with MM fondant. Blanket is fondant, as well as the design on the cake (swirls, roses, and leaves). The baby, baby’s dress and rattle is made from gumpaste.

The pearls on the bottom of the cake is fondant (rolled individually and pearled by my daughter). The ruffle is fondant, as well.

Inscription is cut from gumpaste on cricut cake machine.

I’m not sure that mine compares to the original artist, but the Mother was very pleased with the cake and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?


Mother’s Day Goodness

Happy Mother's Day

9″ — 4 layer Red Velvet cake with cream cheese filling and frosting. Roses and leaves are hand-modeled from MM Fondant.

Requested from one of my regular customers for her Mom for Mother’s Day.

Roses Are Yellow, Too

Lemon Pound w/Lemon Buttercream

Roses Are Yellow Too!

This cake was made for a young lady who turned a blessed 70 years old. Lemon pound with lemon buttercream. Roses and leaves are fondant. I was told that Mom loved the cake. As sometimes lemon can be a little overpowering, I was afraid that this would be the case. I guess I was being too skeptical, because the recipient said it was perfect. How wonderful!

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