What We Offer!

Some of our cakes are from original family recipes that is said to be the “best tasting ever”. You can’t get our cakes anywhere else. If you do not see your favorite dessert listed, please ask if it is available or if it can be custom ordered.

Classic Cakes
Our Classic Cakes are 9″ – 4 layer, round or square cakes. These cakes are made like they are supposed to be done — from scratch — with the finest ingredients available.
Custom Cakes
Buttercream, fondant and gumpaste is used to hand-sculpt and custom color a unique cake for any occasion.
Sculpted, 3-Dimensional Cakes
An entire cake is sculpted into almost any shape. They are frosted and edible and will make for an amazing centerpiece.
Fondant, Gumpaste  & Modeling Chocolate Toppers, Flowers and Bows
These are hand-sculpted to order. Fondant and modeling chocolate is edible. Gumpaste dries hard and may be kept as momentos or for future use.
Buttercream & Fondant 2-Dimensional Designs
Designs such as figures can be placed directly on your cake using custom colored frosting or hand-cut from rolled fondant.
Mini Cakes
These make fabulous gifts or favors for guests to take home from a party. They look pretty displayed together on a stand or table, ready to be handed to your guests.
Decadent Desserts
♥ Petit Fours — Yellow or Chocolate
Elegant and beautifully decorated. Yellow cakes filled with raspberry, strawberry, or apricot and decorated with a tiny fondant flower. Chocolate cakes filled with rich chocolate ganache and also decorated with a tiny fondant flower.
Lemon  or Lime Tartlets
Lemon tartlets filled with rich lemon filling topped with cream cheese frosting. Lime tartlets filled with keylime filling and topped with Key Lime Curd. Note: Can also be ordered in regular size (approx. 4″) with same fillings as suggested.
♥ Cake Pops
These cake pops are about 1″ in diameter or custom-designed and mixed with various fillings, then dipped in white or dark chocolate coating. A truly decadent dessert.
Cookies and Cupcakes
Like our cakes, these are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients. We offer anything from drop cookies to beautiful cutouts and holiday cookies. Each cookie is hand-cut and all decorated to order, whether it be a monogram, logo, or the name & date of your wedding or just a simple cookie.
Sugar — Molasses — Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chip — White Chocolate Macadamia
Giant Message Cookie
(Ask about other flavors available)
Cookie Bouquets
Cookie Bouquets make a sweet and very unique gift. Each bouquet has from 6-12 individually wrapped custom cookies that are beautifully arranged in a basket or other various containers— suitable for holiday or special occasion— and finished off with a ribbon.
Perfect for any occasion, even weddings. Next time you have a party, surprise your guests with a personal cupcake. They make great gifts! Ask about our Cupcake Bouquets. These are put together like a bouquet of flowers and are perfect for any occasion.
Quick Breads
Perfect for luncheons, showers, holiday entertaining or gift giving. Great as is or toasted and spread with butter. Freezes well and then thawed for those last-minute functions or gift giving.
Pumpkin Pecan — Zucchini — Strawberry — Banana Nut
Gourmet Popcorn
A fluffy, crispy, tasty snack! Freshly popped gourmet popcorn. The perfect gift for holidays, birthdays or any occasion. Try one or several of our flavors in a popcorn sampler. Flavors are: Caramel, Baked Caramel Peanut, White Chocolate Peanut or Chocolate. True popcorn perfection. 

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